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Shoulder Pain Treatment With Physical Therapy

Written By PTConcepts on January 9, 2022

Shoulder pain can stop you from doing what you love, whether that’s playing a sport or simply cooking a meal for your family. Whether you are dealing with injury-related discomfort or a chronic condition, our physical therapy services at PTConcepts... Read More

Physical Therapy for Hamstring Strains

Written By PTConcepts on December 9, 2021

If you’re an athlete, you’ve probably heard about hamstring strains before. Whether your coach is constantly reminding you to stretch before you hit the field or you’ve watched one of your teammates be forced to sit out for the season,... Read More

Physical Therapy for Sprained Ankle Treatment

Written By PTConcepts on November 9, 2021

If you’ve sprained your ankle, you know how debilitating a simple twist of the foot can be. Ankle sprains also tend to recur, transforming a simple injury into a chronic condition. Luckily, our physical therapy services at our PTConcepts locations... Read More

Treat Your Low Back Pain with PT Concepts

Written By PTConcepts on September 27, 2021

Within the confines of the human body, perhaps no injury is more debilitating and painful than that of the lower back. As a primary source for all physical movement, low back injuries inhibit daily functions, limit our ability to sleep... Read More

Physical Therapy for Migraines

Written By PTConcepts on August 26, 2021

Almost all of us have gotten a headache at one point or another. Whether you were staring at the computer screen all night or got a little too much sun over the weekend, headaches are common, temporary, and easily treated... Read More

Sports Injury Treatment with Physical Therapy

Written By PTConcepts on July 26, 2021

Whether you’re a weekend warrior, marathon runner, or professional athlete, one commonality remains: injuries are inevitable. No matter your background, our physical therapy team at PT Concepts have the skills, resources, and experience necessary to treat your sports injury and... Read More

Text Neck: It's a Thing and Physical Therapy Can Help

Written By PTConcepts on June 24, 2021

Text neck isn’t an official diagnosis but it’s an official pain in the neck. Recent years have taught both doctors and patients that spending hours sitting hunched over a phone causes a stress injury. Since cell phones aren’t going the... Read More

Physical Therapy Effective for Disc Pain

Written By PTConcepts on May 24, 2021

Finding relief from disc pain can finally stop being elusive if you seek out our physical therapists at PT Concepts in the greater Dallas Fort Worth Area/ We regularly implement various physical therapies to help patients get rid of their... Read More

Choose Expert Chiropractic Care for Scoliosis

Written By PTConcepts on April 23, 2021

Scoliosis affects an estimated six to nine million people in the United States. It’s a lifelong disease that can worsen over time, unless you take preventative measures. Symptoms include a visible curve in your spine, uneven shoulders, a shoulder or... Read More

What Causes Sciatica, and How Can You Find an Effective Treatment?

Written By PTConcepts on March 5, 2021

The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve bundle in the body, both in length and circumference.  You have a sciatic nerve in each leg that starts at the lower part of the spine, runs down through the buttock and leg, and... Read More

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