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5-Point Checklist for Proper Computer Posture to Avoid Back and Neck Pain

Written By PTConcepts on October 4, 2019

Woman with neck pain from computer postureWorking at a desk job can be a daily strain on the neck and back. In today’s modern workforce, it is not uncommon to spend 6+ hours per day at the workstation. 

In addition to regular chiropractic care, the following 5-point checklist will help improve your posture, promote blood flow and reduce painful inflammation. 

1. Utilize Computer Ergonomics

An ergonomic work area is extremely helpful in preventing pain. Known as ergonomic intervention, a lumbar support chair works to ensure proper posture and lower back support. To avoid workplace musculoskeletal disorders, invest in computer ergonomics, including an ergonomic chair, mousepad and keyboard. 

2. Practice Proper Sitting Posture 

Proper sitting posture is integral in avoiding neck and back pain. Proper posture involves sitting with your feet evenly on the ground – without leaning to one side or the other. Also, be sure to sit all the way back in your chair, with your lower back touching the back of the chair. 

3. Take Breaks 

Taking frequent breaks to stand and walk around is very important to keeping a positive workplace posture. If possible, take a quick stroll outside or around the office once per hour to keep the blood flowing. As well, regularly stretch the neck muscles while working on the keyboard to keep strain and stress at a minimum. 

4. Adjust Your Monitor Height

Position your monitor at eye-level to avoid causing neck strain throughout your day – the weight of your head can easily wear on your neck muscles, especially after a long time in one position. You never want to look down or up for long periods. 

5. Support Your Wrists and Arms

While working at a keyboard, make sure that your elbows and wrists are supported by the desk or arms of the desk chair. Practicing proper computer posture for your wrists and elbows ensures they are not unsupported during your work day. 

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