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5 Signs of a Bulging Disc (And Bulging Disc Treatment Options)

Written By PTConcepts on June 3, 2019

Man with bulging disc in friscoDid you know your risk for slipped, bulging, or herniated discs increases after you turn 30? Left untreated, the pain can get progressively worse and wreak havoc not only in your back but other parts of the body.

But how do you know if your pain is from a bulging disc? And what’s the best bulging disc treatment?

5 Signs of a Bulging Disc

The symptoms of a herniated or bulging disc can vary drastically based on the severity of the injury. In the early stages, you may not notice any symptoms at all.

However, as the surrounding nerves suffer damage or inflammation, painful symptoms will arise. Here are the common symptoms in order of severity.

  1. Lower back pain – The pain is often sharp and comes on suddenly.
  2. Sciatica or pain in the arms or legs – Your lower back pain may radiate down through your hips, thighs, and even calves. If the herniated disc is in your neck, you’ll feel this pain in your arms.
  3. Numbness, tingling, or paralysis – Due to damaged or pinched nerves, you may experience numbness or tingle in your back and extremities.
  4. Cramping or muscle spasms – You may suffer muscle pain or weakness as the surrounding nerves weaken.
  5. Loss of bladder or bowel function – If you’re at this stage, see a doctor immediately.

Physical Therapy for Bulging Disc Treatment

Your physical therapist will develop a personalized treatment plan that addresses your pain at its source.

By strengthening your core muscles through therapy, the disc will experience less stress. This improved strength will reduce inflammation, improve spinal stability, give you a better range of motion, and ultimately result in less pain.

Beyond core strength, McKenzie stretching techniques will help relieve pressure off your vertebrae, encourage natural healing, and support proper posture.

Do you think you’re suffering from a bulging or herniated disc? Don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with the specialists at PT Concepts and Wise Health Systems today.

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