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Hip Pain Treatment

Written By PTConcepts on September 6, 2019

Woman running Problematic hip pain can make even the simplest of tasks daunting and difficult. 

From walking to engaging in recreational sports, chronic hip pain creates issues that can impact your quality of life. Fortunately, chiropractic care is an all-natural remedy that can help eliminate the need for major surgery or pain medication – a holistic approach designed to administer hip pain treatment to the surrounding muscle tissue and bone pain. 

Common Causes of Hip Pain

The hips are a complex musculoskeletal system that require strength and balance to operate properly. A vital buffer of cartridge helps ensure the ball and socket joints move smoothly and pain-free. There are several common causes of hip pain, including any of the following: 

  • Arthritis: Causing degeneration of the muscles and ligaments involved in proper hip function. 
  • Muscle Imbalance: The muscles surrounding the hips include the Gluteus Medius and piriformis muscles. If these muscles are too weak or tight, the hips may over-compensate, causing pain. 
  • Bursitis: Between tissues and bones are several small sacks of liquid known as bursae. If these sacks become inflamed, a condition known as bursitis, hip pain can result. 
  • Hip Capsule Tightness: Tightness in the hip flexors that is helped with stretching and exercise.
  • Injury: An obvious cause of hip pain is injury, including soft tissue damage, labral tear, hip fracture, or muscle strain. 

In addition to hip pain, discomfort can also occur as a result of “referred pain,” which occurs when there is muscle strain or imbalance elsewhere that manifests as pain in the hip joint. 

Evaluation and Treatment

The professionals at PT Concepts begin by assessing your body to determine if your hip pain stems from your knees or lower back. From there, our team will work to evaluate each patient’s hip strength and range of motion.

For hip pain treatment, the individual treatment plan is tailored to your specific needs, and may include soft tissue mobilization, therapies, or any additional modalities.

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