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Neck Pain From Sleep or Poor Posture? Physical Therapy Can Help

Written By PTConcepts on November 6, 2019

Woman with neck pain from sleeping At PT Concepts we offer a wide range of neck pain treatment for patients suffering from neck pain – either from poor sleep position or bad posture. If you are suffering from a chronic stiff neck or are looking for solutions to alleviate tightness in the neck muscles, PT Concepts offers individualized treatment plans to target your pain. 

Common Causes 

The neck muscles can be surprisingly sensitive and prone to inflammation. Some of the common causes of chronic neck pain include any of the following: 

  • Poor posture at the computer: Often caused by lack of frequent breaks or a workstation that does not prioritize ergonomics.
  • Improper posture while using a cell phone: This includes prolonged periods holding the head in an unnatural position. 
  • Poor sleep positioning
  • Painful injury: Including strained or pulled muscles in the upper back or neck.

Trained professionals at PT Concepts will treat your neck pain caused by “referred pain,” which occurs when muscular tension or aggravation occurs in one area resulting in pain in another. 

The Evaluation Process

Neck pain must be taken very seriously. Your evaluation for neck pain treatment will begin with an inquiry about whether you have suffered a shoulder or head injury. From there, an initial evaluation will include range of motion and strength tests to develop your ideal treatment plan. 

Once the root cause of neck pain is determined, a treatment plan involving physical therapy, massage, soft tissue mobilization and various other modalities will follow. When it comes to neck pain treatment, PT Concepts will ensure that all patients are properly treated in a holistic and individualized way. 

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