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Physical Therapy for Hip Pain Can Get You from Zero to 100% Safely

Written By PTConcepts on June 29, 2020

rsz posture4Have you been sitting a lot lately? If so, do you notice that your hips hurt more than usual? 

While this can be alarming, there is something you can do to feel like your old self again – seek professional physical therapy treatment. 

A physical therapist will help you ease back into movement in a way that reduces the risk of more pain and long-term damage.

Been Stuck Sitting a Lot Lately? You Likely Need an Effective Hip Pain Treatment

Whether you’re stuck sitting more than usual because of an injury or because of COVID-19 shelter-in-place orders, your body is likely to respond with hip pain

Keeping your hips bent at a 45-degree angle for hours on end can lead to your hip, buttock, and leg muscles shortening. In addition to experiencing hip pain, you’ll also notice that your muscles are extremely stiff. Standing up is no easy task! 

Fortunately, your physical therapy team can help eliminate the discomfort with a hip pain treatment plan.

Physical Therapy – How to Get Back to a Normal Movement Routine

The goal of your physical therapist is not just to reduce pain – it’s to increase the strength of your affected muscles. In this case, they’d focus on the muscles of and those surrounding your hips. 

When you sit a lot, not only do your muscles shorten but they also weaken. Trying to jump back into a workout routine you did back when you were more active with weakened muscles can easily lead to an injury. 

Your physical therapist will help you ease back into a routine. They’ll provide you with a consistent program and make sure you perform strengthening exercises, as well as those that promote flexibility

Once you’ve gone through their program, you’ll be able to graduate to more intense workouts with less risk of injury. 

Prevent Pain and Injury by Moving Your Body Safely and Regularly 

A physical therapist can create a safe, effective hip pain treatment plan for you. They, together with other healthcare providers, can also help you prevent hip pain. Talk to your care provider about how to incorporate an exercise program that can strengthen your body, help you prevent injuries, and reduce the likelihood of painful hip conditions. 

Have you been suffering from hip pain? We can help! Contact us today to schedule an appointment. 

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