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Our promise is that we will help you reach and express your full potential that you may achieve all in life that is good.

We realize that good help and guidance are vital. To this end we are committed to you, your family and your friends, to treat through a multidisciplinary rehabilitation approach and to educate in the care and maintenance of the body. Read More

Eric Nguyen, PT, MPT

At a young age, he became interested in how the human body works. He has always been fascinated in how athletes move and how individuals recover after an injury. This sparked his interest in the field of rehabilitation and he worked hard to accomplish his goal to receive his Master’s in Physical Therapy at California State University Long Beach (CSULB).

Eric interned and worked in several settings in physical therapy, including inpatient rehabilitation, acute rehabilitation, geriatric centers, and outpatient orthopedics. His experiences have made it evident that his heart is in outpatient orthopedics. He has taken several continuing education courses to strengthen his manual skills as well as his diagnostic skills. He is constantly looking to learn and have a thirst for knowledge. Dr. Nguyen holds a certification in Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA). SFMA focuses on finding the root cause of symptoms by breaking down dysfunctional movement patterns logically, rather than simply finding the source of the pain.

His philosophy for treating patients is to treat the entire person and to identify the dysfunctional movement patterns which could contribute to impairments. It is very easy to get caught up treating symptoms, but it is imperative to determine the cause of the pain. It is also important to take a holistic approach and know that every person is different, and every person’s needs are different. Therefore, he tailored each program for everyone to ensure it is the right program for them.

He is originally from Orange County, CA, but now proudly calls McKinney home. Eric enjoys staying active and practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He finds inspiration from his wife and daughter, nothing means more to him than family.

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