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Orthopedic Rehabilitation in North Texas

Woman receiving Orthopedic Rehab on her shoulder.After your musculoskeletal system has been disrupted, whether by surgery or injury, orthopedic rehabilitation is essential to restoring your body’s natural motion and strength.

It’s our job to use our extensive knowledge and industry-leading techniques to develop the most efficient, effective treatment plan that gets you back on your feet in no time.

Why Choose PTConcepts for Orthopedic Rehabilitation in North Texas?

We understand that your recovery is paramount to getting the most out of life, which is why we go above and beyond to make this possible.

From our comfortable, hi-tech, convenient clinics to our dedicated physical therapists, you can take peace of mind that your recovery is in the best possible hands.

We also work directly with most insurance companies - so you don’t have to.

What Do We Treat?

From amputations to everyday injuries and arthritis to acute sporting injuries, we treat a number of areas – including:

What Techniques Do We Use?

To aid your recovery we may use everyday exercises that help stimulate certain areas of your body or we may use modalities to increase circulation, decrease swelling, and improve recovery times.

Some of our core techniques include:

Manual Therapy: To increase mobility and reduce any tension in your muscles, we’ll use our hands to apply gentle force to the area, targeting key muscles groups and joints.

Active Therapy: In order to build on your strength and improve your healing time, we’ll show you how you can take an active role in your recovery. This also helps you take necessary steps toward preventing future injuries.

Graston Technique: Perfect for post-surgical or soft tissue injuries (acute or chronic), this technique helps break down any scar tissue, while making sure your connective tissue and muscle fibers are stretched and remobilized.

Myofascial Release: Particularly beneficial for soft tissue problems or injuries, myofascial release focuses on releasing any shortness or tightness in your muscles. Over time, this will boost your function and flexibility.

Exercise Therapy: Again, this aspect of physical therapy allows you to take control of your recovery. Using several types of exercises that are put together for you, this regimen helps improve your overall well-being and function.

Neuromuscular Reeducation: Retraining your body to use its natural movement patterns is crucial in orthopedic rehabilitation as it helps optimize your joints and eradicate any pain.

We may also use other techniques such as Kinesio taping, ergonomic training, and core stabilization training while also conducting a biomechanical assessment and/or gait analysis.

Discover the overwhelming benefits of orthopedic rehabilitation in North Texas by getting in touch with your nearest PTConcepts’ clinic today.